Top 10 Power Rangers Series (2023)

Script Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean.

Top 10 Power Ranger Series

With more than 2 decades of Power Rangers Seasons, Its time to see which stand tall above the rest! Join as we count down the Top 10 Power Ranger Series.

For this list, we’ve picked the best instalments of the multi-coloured superhero franchise based on votes from fans, our personal choices and impact on the series as a whole. We’re ruling out Dino Charge simply for the fact that its still on-going at time of writing, and the multiple seasons of Mighty Morphin will be considered as one entry.

#10: Zeo (1996)

A sequel to the first ever Power Ranger series had a lot to live up to. While the original run had three seasons under its belt to develop characters and build a relationship with its audience, this one needed to bring it’s A game to impress fans. And boy did it deliver. Classic rangers like Tommy and Adam got even more time to shine, the Machine Empire were surprisingly creepy villains for a kids show, and the introduction of the now fan-favourite Gold Ranger was well received by all. Besides, who didn’t love that kickass theme song?

#9: Lightspeed Rescue (2000)

For all the monsters and powers the creators of the franchise came up with, this was the series that took it down a peg slightly. Our Rangers start out as nothing more than everyday heroes who are recruited by a secret government organisation to protect the city. Oh sure the villains were demons summoned from an ancient burial ground, but this was the first time that the Power Rangers had all their gadgets and Zords made by humanity to protect humanity. Hitting a little closer to home, this is one set of Rangers who you could depend on. Not to mention the fact that there was some serious family drama!

#8: Lost Galaxy (1999)

The most expensive season of Power Rangers to date, this was the series that build on the foundations of “In Space” extra slice of adventure and exploration. In search of a new world to inhabit, the Rangers fight to defend the space-station Terra Venture from a galactic tyrant, space pirates and even evil Zords. Not to mention there was some pretty dark subject matters! Slavery, the death of siblings and fellow rangers, the entire Magna Defender Arc, and the sex appeal really got turned up a notch. This wasn’t your typical kids show anymore.

#7: Jungle Fury (2008)

The jungle and all its fierce inhabitants have always been popular in the Power Ranger Universe, with this sixteenth instalment continuing the trend. A group of kung fu students are chosen to become Rangers after a demonic spirit is released and unleashes havoc on their city. Mixing together the wildness of the jungle with the awesomeness of a kung fu, with the addition on top of that the Spirit Rangers bringing Teams numbers in the season to eight, and you’ll be wanting to take up kung fu just to find your own animal spirit. Also, RJ. Just…RJ.

#6: SPD (2005)

Because you can never have too many aliens in a show! Set in the distant future, the Earth is now a safe haven for aliens and humans alike under the protection by Space Patrol Delta, or SPD. Will all the futuristic weapons, Zords and nifty tools you could ever want, the Rangers fight an ongoing invasion by Emperor Gruumm whom seems to have gone to the Batman school of monologuing. Trust us when we say he’s actually quite a badass. Strong characters, hard-hitting dilemmas and Ranger betrayal, make this a highlight for the franchise!

#5: Mighty Morphin (1993-95)

Every great tale needs a beginning, and this one just happened to involve an evil alien sorceress, a wise sage with his robotic assistant, and five teenagers with attitude. It may not have had the most depth in comparison to some of its later incarnations, but as the first stepping stone, it took the world by storm. Each episode gave us a new monster, new power and new moral for kids to enjoy and take to heart, and for that reason, despite the cheese, it should be commended. After all it gave us the first childhood crush of many 90’s kids with Kimberly, the badass Tommy. And the nightmare fuel of kids in the 90’s; Lord Zedd.

#4: Time Force (2001)

It was only a matter of time, forgive the pun, before this concept made its way into series. In the year 3000, a renegade mutant by the name of Ransik manages to travel back in time a thousand years. with four members of Time Force travel back to the present day to stop him. After gaining a new Red Ranger, they make it their mission to apprehend all criminal mutants and protect the present and future from destruction. Sieve through the robots, time travel and outrageous costumes, and issues such as diversity, heartbreak and prejudice come to the surface. It also gets bonus points for having a complex and fulfilling love story between its leads!

#3: Dino Thunder (2004)

If there ever was a spiritual successor to the first Power Ranger series, this was it. Three high school students lives are turned upside down as they unwittingly become Rangers when they discover their new teacher is none other than the original Green Ranger Tommy Oliver. With a new monstrous villain dead set on returning to Earth to prehistoric times, it takes a new team of Rangers, with the help of one legendary one, to kick some serious dino ass. Besides the fan appeal of Tommy’s return, the show gave us memorable characters, a really menacing lead villain, and the coolest White Ranger since Tommy!

#2: RPM (2009)

Traditionally Power Ranger seasons have been all about saving the world from being conquered or destroy by villains. The 17th season of the show however threw tradition right out the window opening right from the start with an AI program creating an army of robot and basically destroyed or enslaved all but a fraction of humanity. Originally intended to be the final series, RPM really went all out with some of the best dialogue seen on the show, an all around endearing cast of characters, and enough meta-humor that even nonPower Ranger fans can enjoy. Best described as a dark but not gritty version of Power Rangers, you can’t go wrong with RPM.

Before we reveal our number one choice, here are mighty morphin honourable mentions!

Super Megaforce (2014)

Wild Force (2002)

Ninja Storm (2003)

#1: In Space (1998)

This is the series that took the Rangers from earthbound heroes to intergalactic saviours. After the events of Turbo, four Rangers make the decision to leave Earth in order to rescue Zordon. From that point onwards, the show upped the awesome factor to eleven! Just like RPM this series was intended to be the finale of the show, allowing for the producers to go all out. In Space gave us Andros, a tragic backstory involving kidnapping and brainwashing, the Psycho Rangers and most heartbreakingly of all, the death of Zordon. The show was a landmark for the Power Rangers franchise, and every fan remembers it fondly.

Do you agree with our list? Which was your favourite Power Ranger series? With new top tens published everyday, be sure to subscribe to!

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